Meine Lieblingsbilder 20132013 – my favourite shots

A quick selection of my favourite shots in 2013. Ordered by date of shooting from March to October – don’t ask what the hell I’ve done in the missing four month … 😉 Music: Sticky Bee from Josh Woodward (

  1. A famous vineyard in my hometown Bad Dürkheim and also a famous winery and sparkling wine cellar ( during a nice event wirh illuminated vineyards ( – see also my 2013 Video:
  2. „A Night in the Park“ – Heremitage Courd Garden in Bayreuth, Germany.
  3. Wildflower Meadow at Majorca, Spain.
  4. Me 🙂
  5. Startrails around polaris above an old watchtower. Majorca, Spain.
  6. Same place and technique as before – startrails and also the rising moon at the north-west cost
  7. National youth champion in pentathlon during the long jump
  8. Quak
  9. Who will catch it? University Championchip Ultimate Frisbee in Bayreuth, Germany.
  10. Afternoon nap in the sun. Bayreuth, Germany.
  11. Maypole and Milky Way near Bayreuth, Germany.
  12. Fairground ride – a kind of reverted Bungee Jump 😉 Bad Dürkheim, Germany (
  13. Fireworks at the
  14. Nice Cascade near the Rhine Falls, Switzerland
  15. Rhine Falls, Switzerland
  16. Autumn in the wineyards
  17. Autumn at „Rhörensee“. Bayreuth, Germany.
  18. Nice colored reflections from a autumn tree
  19. New Palace at Heremitage Court Garden with Moon and an Iridium Flare. Bayreuth, Germany
  20. Merry Christmas and a happy new year!
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